Tesla Model X Review (One of the Best SUV)

We’re counting five years since the German SUV has been in full force, and it’s safe to say it’s way ahead of its game. You will learn about Tesla model x review.

During its launch, the Tesla Model X was marked as a trendsetter that will be seeing to it that many of the cars released after it become increasingly techy and that our roads are swamped with more EVs.

Initially, the Tesla Model X was meant to outstrip the Model S, and suffice it to say that it’s served its purpose perfectly well.

And as the SUV market keeps growing, especially in the US and China, you can only expect its popularity to grow even more over the years.

The added practicality on the model’s body-style also means the SUV appeals to even more of its targeted customers.

Compared to the Model S, the X model comes a little bit short in terms of performance, but nothing major to write it off.

Performance and Features of Tesla Model X

The Tesla model X boasts a strong performance, laced up with blistering acceleration, generous cargo space, and resounding handling.

Its only limitation being the cramped interior and second-rated build quality that has been preventing the model from scaling up to higher than the luxury midsize SUV laurels the model rests on.

Tesla decided to revamp its 2019 Model X lineup. First, by dropping the 75D, 90D, and 100D is favor of a more simplified car structure.

Top among the model X features is the super-large battery that’s designed to produce enough juice to cover a driving range of up to 295 miles.

Also offered is a high-performance variant of the model that flaunts 289 miles coverage with the capacity to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds.

If this isn’t speedy enough for you, then you have the option to top the price by $15, 000 and Tesla will unlock the Ludicrous model that will be lowering the acceleration time to an impressive 2.8 seconds.

Model X handling is super-terrific. But the real nail biter ought to be the strong acceleration generated by the electric motor.

Recharging it is also super-quick, thanks to Tesla’s superchargers that can be found dolled out in different parts of the country.

It’s to be however noted that charging the batteries at home via a 120V or 240V connection is much slower.

But since its more convenient for car owners, Tesla offers a series of home charging equipment that you can purchase to start charging the car right at the convenience of your home.

Over-the-air Updates of Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X Review (One of the Best SUV)

Over-the-air updates are among the few things that set the Model X miles apart from its competitors by allowing you to update and improve your car using the standard onboard cellular connection or your regular home Wi-Fi, with no need of trading it with the latest model.

A good chunk of the updates you’ll be making are minor. But there’s the option of changing some major features and systems, including the acceleration or braking.

For instance, Tesla version 9.0 OS rolled out significant changes to their autopilot by incorporating suggested lane changes that go to ensure a more efficient driving, and a 360-degree camera system that will be warning you just in case it detects any object in a blind spot.

Also added to the latest version of the operating system are the visual changes in the touchscreen layout, in addition to the system arriving with even more retro-Atari video games.

Real Car Brakes

Contrary to what was widely expected, the Model X happens to feature real-car brakes, the regenerative brakes that make it more natural and exciting to drive electric cars.

Adjustable Ride Height

Also, as with a great majority of the luxury cars you know, the Model X features an adjustable ride height.

But the coolest part of this feature is that it allows you to reprogram your car such that it can raise itself when you’re driving the car on a steep driveway or swale. This is meant to protect the car from scraping or bottoming out.


Tesla is among the few automobile companies that have perfected the autopilot feature by making it more seamless and the most capable of the semi-autonomous driving technologies you’re likely to come across online.

Of course, there exist a long list of other luxury cars with a similar driver-assistance feature, but the Tesla’s sticks out for stacking a string of added capabilities that make it seamless and the best one there’s on the market.

Tesla Model X Price

You can get the Tesla Model X at the starting price of $88, 000, which makes it one of the most priced luxury midsize SUV on the market.

You also have an option to upgrade the base model of the SUV for $8, 000 for the range extender, or a spring for a super-enhanced $177, 000 Tesla Model X.

And with an additional $200, 000 Tesla will activate the Ludicrous Mode, which goes on to ensure your car accelerates even faster.

Tesla Model X for Sale

Adding the Full Self-driving option is essentially a future investment. Tesla offers this option, with an option for future hardware upgrades and eventual upgrades that will enable cars to auto-drive.

The Full Self-Driving option goes for $5, 000 when new, on top of the $3, 000 you’ll be shelling out for the autopilot. And after you buy the car, you have the option to upgrade it to autopilot for $4, 000 and to Full Self-Driving for $7, 000.

Tesla Model X P100d

Tesla introduced the Model X P100d in 2016, three years down the line after launching the Model X lineup.

It was the first model in the pipeline ever feature the Ludicrous Mode, and which makes it one of the most sought-after models in the lineup.

Arriving with 100kwh battery, the P100D has the capacity to accelerate from zero all the way to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds. That’s without mentioning the 289 miles range battery coverage when fully charged.

Just after releasing the P100D, Tesla would discontinue its production of their 60D version, after making the Smart Air Suspension standard at the expense of coil springs.

This would see to it that the base price shoots to $85, 000.

This would be followed by the discontinuation of the 90D about a year later, thus leaving the P100D as the base version of the model.

Tesla Model X Interior

The Tesla Model X arrives with three different seating configurations, which includes the standard five-seat setup, the six-person configuration with captain’s chair on the second row, and seven-person seat arrangement with a bench seat on the second row.

Read this bearing in mind that all the seats are super-heated regardless of the configuration you choose to go with. At the front, the 12-way power adjustable seats are pretty standard as well.

Worth mentioning is the panoramic windshield, which stretches to cover your head while moving back towards the middle seat.

This allows you to have an expansive view of the road ahead and the sides as well while driving.

Its roof is extremely generous with headroom, especially with the second row — but it’s sad that the same cannot be said about its legroom, more so in the second row when the front seat is filled with taller occupants that have slide their seats back.


The Tesla Model X makes a perfect choice of car for anyone looking for an electric SUV. It has one of the most engaging handling, rocket-like acceleration.

Especially with the Ludicrous mode activated, and longer mile coverage electric driving. It could be one of the highest priced models in its class, but its certainly worth the price and everything its billed for.

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