How to connect phone to car

Learning How to connect phone to car easily in this blog post.

You are living in an era of information technology! It’s now possible to connect your phone to your car. Yes, you heard that right! Isn’t that amazing?

You might be wondering how to connect a phone to a car! Worry not you are in the right place.

Read on for more information.

Ways To Connect Phone To Car

First, before you head on to connect your phone to the car, it’s important for you to know that your phone and car should be compatible. It means that you are keeping pace with the fast-changing world and have the required set and car model!

There are many ways through which you can connect your phone to your car!

Using Bluetooth

It’s possible to connect your phone to your car using Bluetooth.

Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone. 

Your vehicle might have a button to turn Bluetooth while some vehicles have a voice command function for this task. In ant case, you can start the pairing process and pair the phone with your car. Don’t forget to check out the vehicle’s manual for more information since every car is different. 

You can search for the phone on your car’s infotainment system or trying finding your vehicle on your phone. Make sure your phone is in the discoverable mode if you are using the car’s system to find it. 

If your phone find’s the vehicle hands free calling system there would be a need to enter the passkey. It’s possible to set the passkey or you can use the default ones. 

Your Bluetooth connection would be successful! These were just the basic steps for the cell phones and your vehicle. Depending on what type of cell phone and vehicle you own you have to adjust accordingly. You can refer the car manual.

Other Ways To Connect

Some other ways to connect other than Bluetooth especially for iPhone users include:

USB playback. 


You can contact Apple support for assistance too. If you are an Android user, you can connect your phone with the Car’s stereo. The process would be similar to the one mentioned above.

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