Tesla Model Y Review (The nice SUV Body)

2020 Tesla Model Y Overview

Elon Musk’s newest electric vehicle by the Tesla company in 2020 is the Tesla Model Y, scheduled to be released in the summer of 2020.

In this article, we will review this electric SUV and go over the key details you should know before making your purchase.

At first, we notice that this SUV is a crossover between Tesla X and 3, creating a vehicle with an impressive level of safety due to its low center of gravity, solid bodywork and integrated impact protection in the front, however, it is worth noting the lack of falcon-like wings that Model X has.

Tesla Model Y Review (The nice  SUV Body)
Tesla Model Y Review

The car features cameras on every side of the car making every corner of the road visible at all times, together with ultrasonic sensors that prevent collisions and provide aid when parking.

Just like every new Tesla car, Model Y is equipped with full self-driving AI that can automatically drive and park your car in regulated areas.

Additionally, the car boasts very modern emergency braking systems paired up with collision warning software which will keep you safe at all times.

The exterior of this car deeply resembles its predecessors, creating a visually impressive fusion of Models X and 3 that will ultimately please all Tesla admirers.

Moving further, the interior is equally imposing featuring seats for up to 7 adults that can be lowered by choice and plenty of room in the back for any kind of storage or furniture that the user might be transporting.

It is worth noting that the car boasts a 15-inch touchscreen display and various updates in air-conditioning software, maintaining fresh and pleasant air inside.

Model Y is fully electric therefore overnight battery charging should always suffice and it will be initially released in two models, Long Range, and Performance.

The performance model comes equipped with 20-inch wheels accompanied with lowered suspension, higher top speed and the ability to reach 60 mph in only 3.5 seconds, making it one of the fastest electric SUVs.

The performance model provides less range than the Long Range one, 280 miles compared to 300, according to Tesla.

It is worth mentioning that the Standard Range variant of the car will be released in the later stages of Model Y’s development cycle and further details upon this release will be known during 2020.

Finally, Long Range and Performance variants that will be available upon release are priced at 49,200$ and 62,200$ respectively which makes Tesla Model Y a no-brainer purchase, being one of the best choices if you are looking for a reliable, dependable electric car.

2021 Tesla Model Y Review

The 2021 tesla model y review will explain the advantages of the car. The electric vehicle is state of the art and will wow many new observers.

The brand is on the rise and people expect a lot from Tesla these days. The battery powered car is electric and won’t require any gas.

It is also very modern and has a sleek exterior to offer.

Features Of The Car:

The 2021 tesla model y review will show off the snazzy features. It has on board GPS for any travel destination.

The battery is quickly charged with any available outlet. Be sure to use the correct outlet that is compatible with the vehicle.

The 2021 tesla model y review should mention the seats are comfortable. Plenty of interior space makes it fun to ride in the vehicle.

Exterior Design:

The 20 inch wheels are stately and benefit the car very much. Expect to get superior handling thanks to those 20 inch wheels.

The mid-sized SUV has a lot of appeal to dedicated drivers. People like clean colors and want to give it a try. Take a test drive to enjoy the 2021 tesla model y review it in time.


The lowered suspension and sleek exterior just add to the performance. It can reach top speeds of about 145 mph on the road.

It doesn’t have a fast acceleration like many of its rivals. But drivers will be pleased with what they are getting. That is enough to satisfy many SUV fans in time.

Fuel Consumption:

The 75 Kw battery is what powers the vehicle down the road. It does not use gas to keep the vehicle running.

That should appeal to budget-conscious people who want to save on gas. Expect a range of about 302 miles on a fully charged battery.


The standard price is listed at about $50k. But an upgraded model can be purchased for around $60k.

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