2018 Chevrolet Suburban Reviews (Information)

2018 Chevrolet Suburban will receive standard LED lights throughout the day for all models and two new exterior colors (Havana Metallic and Satin Steel Metallic). In this post you will learn about 2018 Chevrolet Suburban Reviews

Like the small Tahoe, 2018 Suburban gets its package of RST versions but is limited only by LT and Premier levels.

RST Edition includes a 22-inch shiny black wheel, a black logo, a black sports grill, body-colored handles, headlights, black side mirrors, roof arches, air suspension with a tie, black with an inscription.

Brembo brakes and Borla exhausts have been added as new accessories installed by dealers.


The 2018 Suburban is a sizeable Tiggo SUV capable of seating up to 8 passengers.

The SUV can be used in three trim levels and a configuration with a rear engine or all-wheel drive.

Suburban LS: LS basic with rear-view camera, folding second and third row, 3-zone air conditioning, rear parking sensor, remote start, daytime running lights.

Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, audio system with six speakers, padding, 4.2-inch multi-information display, keyless entry, padded wheel, 18-inch.

Suburban LT: Bose audio system with nine speakers and programmable rear doors, plus first and second rows of leather and a heated front seat in LT.

Suburban premiere: Prime offers 12 sturdy front seats, well-ventilated front seats, fog lights, front parking sensors, 20-inch alloy wheels, magnetic steering, programmable rear door speaker.

Moreover, it has Bose audio system with audio system, 10 headphones, wireless charging, non-powered control key, folding seats of the second and third row, sunroof and heated seats of the second row.

The second and third rows have electric folding seats, and there is also a programmable rear door without armrests.

How to open the trunk of the 2018 Saburbam (3 easy ways)

  1. Remote Control: the remote control has a button located at the second last right of the remote. You just press that twice quickly to open the trunk. You repeat the same action to close it.
  2. Button on the roof: There is a big button on the roof that you can use to open and close the trunk. To use it, you just press it once to open the trunk. You press again to close it.
  3. Button on the trunk’s door: There is a located underneath the handle, you just press it once to open the trunk. To close it, there is another button located at the finish line of the trunk door, you press it to perform the closing action.

Note: The car has to be on parking in order to use remote control or roof button.

How to connect your phone to the radio (4 easy ways)

  1. CarPlay option: You just need to plug usb cable to your phone and plug the other side to one of the usb receiver in the car. The car will automatically detect your phone. If not, you just press the media until you arrive to your phone.
  2. Bluetooth: You connect bluetooth of the radio to your phone. That’s all.
  3. Auxiliary cable: You plug one head of that cable to your phone and the other head to the car’s auxiliary cable outlet.
  4. FM transmitter: If your car does not have any of the first 3 option. You will still able to connect your phone to your car by using FM transmitter. You just FM transmitter to your car’s cigar outlet, then you turn your car radio to a frequency that is not occupied with another radio. You match that frequency with FM transmitter. That’s all.

Efficiency and fuel economy

Suburban 2018 is equipped with a 5.3-liter V-8 engine with 355 horsepower and 383 pounds of ptorque, as well as a six-speed automatic transmission.

EPA fuel efficiency averages 16/23 mpg from city/highway for the rear-wheel-drive option and 15/22 mpg for the 4WD.


The 2018 Suburban received a 4-star overall safety rating from five potential NHTSA stars. Although IIHS did not break Suburban 2018.

The 2017 model received a basic assessment of the head-on collision avoidance test of the existing frontal collision warning system (the highest point in the frontal collision avoidance test is the highest).

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