Best Hybrid Cars (Information Guide)

Best Hybrid cars are here to stay. Since the Toyota Prius took the World by storm over 20 years ago, we sat and waited for more sustainable mobility, lower emissions, and bigger savings.

We’re now entering a new era of mobility that increasingly lives on those promises.

Unknown to many still, the Hybrid car mixes the best of two worlds by combining a petrol engine with an electric one.

Let’s find out which are the best hybrid cars in the world right now:

#10 – Toyota Yaris Hybrid

The Yaris is a very affordable and competent car with a hybrid engine of 1.5l providing decent performance, fuel economy and very low emissions.

#9 – Mini Countryman Plug-in Hybrid

The Mini Countryman that appeals to so many also makes the list by bringing a very competent and silent PHEV. Its 224hp is more than enough to impress and it can run up to 26mi in electric mode only.

#8 – VW Passat GTE

The Passat is a very established estate. The GTE improves on that by adding a PHEV version that announces consumptions of 1.5l of petrol and up to 57k in electric mode only.

#7 – Volvo V60 T8

The Swedish manufacturer makes very competent and safe automobiles and the T8 range – both the V60 or V90 – are some of the best family estates you can purchase with a PHEV component. With plenty of horsepower and low emissions, Volvo has delivered a lovely driving experience.

#6 – BMW 330e

The German manufacturer arrived fashionably late to the Hybrid party but all is forgiven as its 330e is a very competent PHEV that can do 41mi in electric mode only.

Carrying the same comfort as previous models but more competent technology and lower emissions, it’s definitely a win-win.

Best Hybrid Cars (Information Guide)

#5 – Toyota Prius

The father of all Hybrids, the Prius is still a flagship vehicle. The latest model is already a PHEV instead of a pure Hybrid that also has a solar panel to add up every drop of energy possible.

Its looks are still very unique and not to everyone’s taste, but the low emission king still has in it him.

#4 – Kia Niro Hybrid

The Kia brand is making more beautiful and competent cars by the day and the Niro is no exception with its recent hybrid engine, promising low emissions and fuel efficiency.

#3 – Mitsubishi Outlander

A hybrid success, the Outlander reduces its peers’ emissions by sitting as an affordable and spacious model. Mitsubishi introduced one of the very first PHEV with its Outlander.

#2 – Lexus LC

Lexus is Toyota’s luxury brand and the LC sits at an elevated price tag that isn’t accessible to all but still is one of the most beautiful coupés ever built with a 3.5l hybrid engine.

#1 – Toyota Corolla Hybrid

The Corolla made a return this year and packs a sportier design than ever along with a 1.8 and 2.0 Hybrid drivetrain. Toyota has used all its know-how to make a refined Hybrid model that is accessible to practically everyone.

In this Era of renewable concepts for mobility, the aim is clear: lower emissions, fuel economy, maintenance savings.

Best Hybrid Cars

Whilst the Hybrid technology may be only one of transition, the fact is that it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future as more manufacturers are electrifying their models to meet lower emission targets.

The consumer gets to collect its benefits with a more comfortable driving experience, a less expensive to run the machine and a better environment for all.

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