Review of the 2020 Audi Sport EV

There is no doubt that 2019 was a big year for electric cars and the trend will certainly continue in 2020. Audi Sport EV review will give you some cool information.

One of the most exciting upcoming releases is the recently revealed Audi Sport EV that will be released in late 2020 and in the following article, we will review its key features.

If you desire an electric alternative to Tesla, the four-door Audi SUV is a perfect fit for you, sporting the traditional Audi design and all of its features.

Electric cars nowadays have excessively flamboyant features while Audi EV sports a very simple Audi design similar to its predecessor Q8.

This SUV has lights that closely resemble the ones Q8 has, but sporting simpler, more refined headlights which in result look much cleaner.

The external bodywork of the car remains true to those of the standard Audi SUV which supports the aerodynamic features that are highlighted by the manufacturer.

Furthermore, the walnut-colored interior is very aesthetically pleasing, with clean and minimalistic features, with the wheel of the car specifically standing out due to its modern design.

However, this SUV’s acceleration is definitely not one of its strong suits, featuring two electric 414 pound-feet motors that reach 60mph in 5.5 seconds.

Even though the car feels very powerful when accelerating, these results are quite underwhelming when compared to Tesla X’s 4.4 or Jaguar I-Pace’s 4.5-second result.

Additionally, the car feels clunky and unreliable when steering swiftly due to the car’s overwhelming weight of 5,500 pounds but otherwise, the car usually feels very stable.

The braking is consistent and reliable just like in most EV’s unless the car has to use the physical brakes that feel clunky at times.

Finally, the price starts at roughly 75.000$ which is fair for the SUV you are getting and this Audi will certainly prove to be a very impactful car release in 2020.

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