Tesla Truck Review (Features, Price & Information)

Tesla cybertruck review is a new look of truck. Tesla’s cyber truck is the new rage that is going on in the automotive industry. Tesla’s cyber truck is a new truck that shook the world when it was revealed.

There are many quirks and features which come along with this new truck, let’s talk about some.

Features of Tesla Electric Truck

Tesla Truck Review (Features, Price & Information)

Tesla’s cyber truck is made out of stainless steel, which the company SpaceX uses for its starship. A very cool quirk of the tesla cyber truck. On top of that, the tesla cyber truck is Bulletproof.

The Tesla truck can withstand a bullet from a nine-millimeter gun. Also, the glass can withstand a lot. During the launch of the cyber truck, someone threw a metal ball on the door mirrors.

The only thing that happened to the windshield was that it got cracked a little bit if it were an average car the whole windshield would have been broken.

More features of the Cyber truck

Tesla Cybertruck suprise most people by its design. After it is unveiled by Tesla.

It quickly becomes so popular among the Tesla products.

Just 3 days, after it unveiled, 150 000 were preordered.

This number has quickly grown up to 250 000 4 days later.

Below are 12 cool features of this impressionable truck.

1. Transparent roof: This truck has a transparent roof that allows you to see through that roof.
2. Large Towing Capacity: The cybertruck is capable to tow up 14 000 pounds. 
3. Self-driving feature: You can ask to add this feature,  but with extra cost (about $7 000).
4. Six seat capacity without third roll seat: They beautifully design this truck’s seats, so the front and back seats carry 3 people each.
5. Adaptive Air Suspension: This allows the truck to lower down for easy access. 
6. Three Different Version: The cheapest one has one single motor with $39 900. The middle one has a duel motor. And the last has three motors with 
7. Long-range miles with triple motor: The most expensive one with its triple motor can range up to 500 miles.
8. Plugging Power: The truck has outlets to power appliances and small tools.
9. Secure Large Rear Cargo Storage: The truck has about 100 feet of space for carrying your staff. 
10. Better Performance: The triple motor truck can go from 0 to 60 mph in about 2.9 seconds. 
11. Armored body and glass: The body and glass of the truck are almost impermeable by a small ball.
12. Built-in with bright long light:

Price of the Tesla Truck

The fully electric truck can sprint from 0-60 within 2.9 seconds, making it quicker than most supercars. The pricing starts at 39,900, and it can go up from there. You can reserve your truck for a $100 deposit on their website.

Tesla Cybertruck Reviews

tesla truck

The Cyber truck will be competing with all the fossil fuels trucks in the market, and you can expect the range to be 250 miles to 500 miles depending on the model you get, the electronic suspension will make it extremely easy for you to load and unload items.

What is excellent about the Tesla cyber truck is the instant torque, unlike a fossil-fueled vehicle, you don’t have to be in a certain powerband to get the most out of the truck.

You also get the fully autonomous self-driving system which is present in all Tesla’s, making it an excellent vehicle for long trips.

Many people are suggesting that the newest Tesla cyber truck will be the new standards for truck, the reason being is because it has an electric motor giving instant delivery of torque.

tesla cyber truck

When you’re driving a truck you need to make sure that the torque is readily available, unlike its competitor, the new tesla cyber truck is electric, which means the power will come in very quickly.

On top of that, you will not be spending money on gas. As you know, trucks require a lot of gas. With the Tesla cyber truck, you will not require any gas at all to get you to your location.

The use of electricity will not only save you money with gas, but it will also help you to keep the environment clean.

You can expect the Tesla cyber truck to start delivery in the year 2022

Final verdict

If you are in the market for trucks, then we highly recommend you check out the Tesla cyber truck. Not only is it an excellent option for off-roading or transporting bulky goods. But it looks elegant and futuristic.

On top of that, you will be taking care of the Earth by not using fossil fuel cars. Tesla cyber truck is the future of trucks; make sure you consider getting one.

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