Tesla Model Y (Features And Information)

Tesla Model Y (Features And Information)

       The famous Tesla car crossover version has finally arrived in the Model Y form. It is electric just like other crossovers, and Tesla cars, and its release is the sedan Model 3.

It has to a maximum driving range of 300 miles.


Tesla Madel Y happens to be four-door electric which compacts the manufactured SUV that has been sold by Inc, Tesla.

The model 3 platform is its basis with similar electric engine, battery, and powertrain. On 14th March 2019, model Y was unveiled.

It’s extended performance version and range which were targeted on being produced in 2020, where the standard was to be built in 2021 during the spring season.

After Model 3, Tesla model Y followed as the next platform generation.

Its main aim is reducing the entry prices of many electric vehicles where they don’t make compromises on their performances and the range.

Self-driving Technology And Features

The model Y aims at supporting autopilot tesla functionality that gives room for autonomous driving for level 2.

The car can drive itself during some scenarios whereby the full attention of the driver is still maintained where he/she must always ready to drive any moment.

As for the current Teslas, they still offer self-driving capabilities which enable the highways and city streets to experience automated driving, which is pending approval by the government.

The system depends on all 12 ultrasonic sensors network where everyone is spread out on the full vehicles with an awareness of 360 degrees.

Tesla Model Y Features And Performance

It contains two independent, ultra-responsive electric motors which control the torque digitally onto rear and front wheels.

They are better in traction, handling, and stability control as well as handles the snow, rain, off-roads, and mud.

Model Y is known for providing maximum versatility and can carry up to 7 people with their luggage.

Their second sit row folds independently flat, which creates enough skis storage, bags, and furniture, among others. Its liftgate can open onto the low trunk floor which simplifies off-loading and loading.

Tesla Model Y 0-60

The top performance list is rounded off up to $60,000, and it routes the dual power motor onto the four wheels and its ability to travel 280 miles when charged.

The car is faster compared to other cheap ones, and their top speed is 150 mph where they can go for 3.5 secs in 0-60 mph. It goes faster for about 30 mph with two seconds and a half quicker than standard Model Y range.

Tesla Model Y Amenities And Interior

All the variants for model Y have 15-inch, large touchscreen center, and front.

Model 3 contains noticeable gauges, displays, or dials at the dashboard.

The glass roofs for crossovers can stretch from cabin front to rear liftgate that makes it standard. The clients can enjoy premium audio system even if they sit in a different model.

Model Y has five seats, but it has a plan of introducing another third row for accommodating seven people by 2021. The flat folding second-row seats with trunk floor enable cargo hauling to be more comfortable.

Exterior Tesla Mode Y

The model Y happens to be a conventional-looking compact SUV with four-door due to its futuristic ambitions.

It can incorporate some design elements in sedan model 3, which make it be easily recognized by the Tesla but still its less sporty and taller compared to its sleek-sedan, low-slung siblings.

Tesla Model Y Price

Standard Range Version minimum price is $39,000 among other packages being offered.

It can go up to 300 miles when it has been fully charged, and it’s second less expensive car model. $47,000 is the price for Model Y, and it has drive variant of the all-wheel dual motor with $51,000 and estimated 280 miles.

The buyers can get the final cost being cheaper due to some grand from governmental subsidies.

Production Date And Release Date

The Tesla has confided that model Y production aims at starting “late next year” in Nevada Gigafactory production line.

They are produced in three versions that are; Performance, All-Wheel Dual Motor Drive, and Rear-wheel long-range drive.

The buyers are expected to receive the car’s delivery by the end of 2020. However, the standard Model Y Range will start getting to the customers by spring season in 2021.


The Tesla Model Y has always being developed slowly and improved with time.

This is a sign that the model will be more digitized and improvise the highways and city streets when they are officially produced.

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