2020 Landrover Defender Review

2020 Landrover Defender Review is a strong and cool car.

The all-new 2020 Landrover Defender is certainly a vehicle to be reckoned with, Landrover says

“This new model will represent 70 years of innovation”, and they are certainly correct with his statement.

Boasting an incredibly rugged exterior, a powerful engine, and a beautifully luxurious (and high-tech) interior, the new Defender is definitely worth considering if you are in the market for a new car this year.

In this review, we will touch on the interior and exterior features of the vehicle, the performance, and the price.

One of my personal favorite points of this car is the proudly luxurious, and surprisingly high tech interior.

Let’s begin with the main focal point of the dashboard, the full HD, 10″ touch display.

Using Landrovers brand new “Infotainment” system, called PiviPro, this will give you an extremely driver-friendly interface that can access your music, maps, and more.

It’s also customizable to your heart’s content. In conjunction with this beautiful display, the 2020 Defender boasts wireless charging in the center console, a feature that is rarely seen in motor vehicles.

If your phone doesn’t support wireless charging, the car also has USB charging ports.

Landrover also definitely had safety in mind whilst designing the vehicle, as the Defender comes with an enhanced 3D Camera, to ensure you never hit anything (or anyone!) while parking.

If you’re in search of a vehicle with the latest technology and safety features, the defender is the one fo you.

Let’s get to the exterior of the vehicle – arguably as impressive as the interior.

The new Defender features the iconic Landrover circular headlights – which are extremely bright to ensure perfect vision while driving at night, as well as alpine lights, which is a great throwback feature.

It also features short front and rear overhangs, which helps the car’s geometry and keeps it looking flash.

You also have the option to add Landrovers Satin Protective Film, which will further protect the car’s paint from scratches and damage.

It also leaves a nice satin overcoat to the vehicle.

With all of these features, the 2020 Landrover Defender is also an extremely powerful vehicle, as well as maintaining a fairly decent budget.

If you’re looking for performance without breaking the bank, have a look at this;

The new Defender can hit from 0 to 60 MPH in an astonishing 7.7 seconds.

This is thanks to the twin-turbo, four-cylinder engine, and 300 Horsepower.

An astoundingly impressive performance for a car that starts at $50,925,

As clearly stated above, the 2020 Landrover Defender is an extremely impressive car with a perfectly accented interior, brutally durable exterior, and an incredible amount of power under the hood, all while maintaining its beauty, Landrover’s newest effort is a perfect choice for anyone seeking a medium-sized car.

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